Whether you’re relocating or just rearranging, moving heavy furniture is a big job. We at B&B Moving and Storage have expertise in moving big and heavy furniture. We have are doing it for over 30 Years now, we know all the tips and tricks to handle this stuff.

Few Quick tips from our experience: 
1. DO NOT use tape on furniture. Even masking tape will leave a residue. It could become a permanent fixture on your favourite armoire.

2. Decide beforehand which furniture will go where. Before you move, sketch a floor plan with the correct measurements of each room, measure your furniture and create your layout.

3. Take apart what you can. Mark the parts in order so it be easy while assembling at the final place.

4. A tall dresser, filing cabinet or shelving unit is difficult to handle. Always have 2 persons handle it. Have one person carry the top while the other carries the bottom. This centers the weight and keeps the item from swinging out of control.

5. Make Sure Drawers and Doors are Tied Closed. Do not tape doors and drawers shut. Tape is so hard on wood surfaces and almost impossible to get off without removing some of the finish. Remember the first tip?

Around 11% of people in the USA move each year. Some do it on their own being a student or single with less stuff to carry around and some use moving and storage service. It’s a little difficult to trust all of your worldly possessions to the care of complete strangers. That means it’s important to know what to expect from a professional moving company.
Pre- Planning of your move -
A professional moving service will want to schedule in very advance. They might even visit your place to get an idea on the stuff in order to provide you accurate quote. This helps to ensure that they have sufficient machine and manpower on the date of your move. Most of the movers out there offer packing services too, It reduced the risk of property damage. While they pack the stuff, you just need to focus on labeling the packages accurately. It is not necessary that you get the service of packaging from them, You may want to cost save by doing the packing yourself, In that case movers will not take the responsibility of any damage to the property.
The Move Day -
On the day of your move, Movers will pack and load your stuff to the truck. They will transport to your new home or to a storage facility in case the new home/ location is not finalized yet. They will unload your belongings and do unpacking for you if opted for that services. B&B Moving and Storage has been providing service since 1986. We have 30+ years of moving experience. If you need help moving to your new home, Call us or get a Free Quote online.

B&B Moving & Storage is one of the leading moving and storage companies in Connecticut offering local and interstate moving services for the past 30 years. We are licensed and also insured as per the law. Moving can be a difficult process, especially when you are moving your entire business or your house. Our Connecticut movers can help you move your office or house with ease. Our movers offer bespoke moving and packing services as per your requirements. Our mover work efficiently and arrive on time. They pack your belongings with care and load them onto the truck safely. Our systematic way of doing our job saves lot of time and money for you. All our facilities are professionally maintained as per standard industry regulations. Call us today for complete information at 203-740-1224.