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Moving Supplies

Packing for your move? We offer a wide variety of moving supplies – everything you need to prepare for your move. Call B&B to check the availability of supplies.

  • Packing Tape – Other types of tape don’t have the strength and weren’t designed for holding moving boxes together or keeping them sealed.
  • Packing paper for wrapping everyday items
  • Tissue paper for packing your very delicate, fragile items
  • Bubble wrap provides an additional level of protection to your fragile items, including home electronics
  • Markers – Don’t forget to label your boxes!
  • Standard Moving Boxes – For your everyday items
  • Wardrobe Moving Boxes – Keep your clothes on hangers during your move without any hassle
  • Picture / Mirror Moving Boxes – Secure your pictures, artwork or mirrors with these specialized boxes
  • Specialized boxes for moving plates, china, or other valuable or fragile items

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